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Tarot consultations with Tim Boyd are by appointment only and will last one hour.  In-person readings are available in Falls Church, Virginia.

The sessions will be tape recorded, if requested, and the audio tape given to the client for future reference.

Telephone readings are available by pre-paid appointment.  Payment may be made via Paypal, check or money order made payable to 'Tim Boyd' and mailed to the address specified via return e-mail from Tim.  The tape of the session, if requested, will be mailed to the client after the reading.

The fee for a reading is very reasonable so as to be accessible to all who seek !

Cancellation of an appointment given LESS than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment will need to be compensated for in order to book any future appointments.

Gift Certificates are available!

                                           Tim is available for:

         Private Consultations, Speaking Engagements and Teaching.