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Why a Tarot Reading?


Tarot readings are very important.  In my practice, it is a way of looking ahead to see where your various chosen paths lead.   In gaining this information, a client may decide that their current actions toward a specific goal will reap the benefits desired, or find out that it does not.

In such cases as the latter, a client would be prompted to draw more cards to determine what actions he/she may employ to bring about their success in any given endeavor.  Whereupon, it is the choice of the client to move forward and take the actions suggested to complete their goal.  After all, we are all co-creators of our future.

Questions of the Tarot, and the situations one can ask about, are limited only by one’s imagination.  Most common subjects asked about are career/job, finances, love & romance, health, family, and so on.  The more specific the question, the more detailed the information can be that comes forward. 

I’m often reminded of the important role prophets played to kings, nobility, and all other seekers, in biblical times and before, in making their important decisions concerning themselves and others.  They realized the importance of seeking 'insight' in making their short and long-range plans.

My goal in your reading is to make sure your questions are answered utilizing my psychic abilities and knowledge of the Tarot.